Release Sleep Anxiety


The inability to fall asleep, to stay asleep and/or to enjoy good quality sleep has profound impacts on our everyday existence. Sleepiness and lack of concentration can detrimentally affect studies, work, relationships and can, in some cases, be incredibly dangerous ” for instance, when at the wheel. A solution is within your grasp, however. Shaan White’™s tested techniques ” which include a blend of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy ” can help clients to determine the root cause of their sleep anxieties and find ways to reduce or completely eliminate it. Shaan’™s effective programme leads clients through several safe and simple exercises that are designed to promote the release of stress and tension. He also teaches clients how to relax and develop healthy sleeping habits, enabling them to drift off feeling calm and not fearful. How many sessions will I need? In order to achieve the very best results possible and to promote long-term gains, we would advise clients to arrange three or four sessions What is a session like? The first 5 or so minutes of a session is me getting to understand exactly what your specific issue is. The next steps involve me getting a clear idea as to how you would like to feel i.e what your goal is. For example if you suffer from sleep deprivation/anxiety a goal for you might be to learn how to relax effectively before going to bed so you have a quiet mind. After establishing your goal I then work to relax you completely allowing any tension or stress to leave your body and then measure you on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the least anxious and 10 being the most anxious. Then it is just a case of me using my unique approach to let go off your pent up anxiety. On this programme I also tend to set tasks for you to do as well to further install those positive beliefs about sleep, for example one task might be to develop a relaxation routine before sleep or listen to a mp3 to facilitate change. The whole process is relaxed, engaging and you will see results very quickly. The more you engage in the process the faster you achieve your goal.

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